Stoicism takes the place of common logic where abundance is involved. The statement, “We are each destined to have what we have,” is often accepted as a lawful avowal. The forgotten truth is that many of us will only truly ever have what we allow ourselves to have.

When we wake up in the morning and make the conscious decision to settle for our drab mediocre lives we are rejecting and resisting our dream life. We each know what we should be doing— it’s simple. We should be doing what we want and love. Our talents, thoughts, and ideas dictate that to us and yet we fight with them every day.

You’re clocking into your low-salary position even though you know that you belong speaking to people about personal growth, being a musician or opening that crafts shop you always wanted to have. You aren’t benefitting from your current situation and yet you resist your calling because you are afraid of stepping out and being successful.

The mere thought of not knowing what’s around the corner terrifies you so you submit to that fear. You willingly relinquish your dreams to your ego and each and every day you pay dearly for it.

Simply committing the aforementioned atrocity gives your ego permission to command your life to you and like a good slave you obey.

Journal of the Day:

Nobody wants to feel like they are obligated to appeasing the voice in their head and yet so many of us continue doing just that each and every day. There are ridiculously simple and free ways to break the chains of complacency and it starts in your journal right now.

Take as much time as you need to think about the following questions and answer them fully:

  1. What am I allowing myself to create in my life right now? Be honest. Are you creating the perfect foundation for a life of ‘I wish’ and ‘I should have, could have, and would have?’ Are you creating a life of emotional imbalance?
  2. What do you allow yourself to have? Are you actively tackling hurdles to overcome the obstacles of your life? Are you taking steps towards being happy? Do you give yourself chances?
  3. What do you not allow yourself to have? What are things that are completely out of the question for you? Do you think that you are undeserving of that designer bag? Are you not allowing yourself to fall in love?
  4. How does giving (or not giving) yourself permission to have the things you want feel? Incomplete? Pitiful? Shameful?
  5. What can you do today to change negative responses to the last question?

Take as much time as you need to really write out the answers to these questions. Every time you journal thought-provoking topics, you release the black goo that clouds your sunshine. These daily journaling practices are a great way to finally get unstuck.

Give yourself permission to prosper. Mentally, emotionally and otherwise.


With Love,

Kyanna Kitt

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