Our lust to feel important drives our intentions in a big way. It’s our motivation to dress nicely, appear a particular way, speak a certain way and even believe what we believe in.

Power, by definition, is the ability to control or influence others. This idea is what divides the good from the great. The big fish from the little ones…

Ironically enough, there is seldom a situation where one person legitimately has more power than the next. Sure when we look in terms of politicians, professors and landlords they often have the final say. It’s their word against ours but if you step outside of the box to analyze the situation you realize that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You’ve been taught that powerful people are higher than you, they are better than you and they work hard to be where they are. While it may be difficult to dispute the previous statement in every case, you would do well to realize that you and that powerful person you admire are quite the same.

You both wake up and go to sleep by the same sun. You each have the ‘same 24 hours.’ Both of you have hopes and dreams. The difference is that they ran and you didn’t.

Here’s a secret they don’t tell you growing up. The only real difference between you and that person you deem ‘powerful’ is that they realize who they are, except who they are and respond accordingly.

So what is power when you truly unpack and think critically about it? One could easily argue that power is the innate ability to act even when confronted with terrifying and stressful events. Pulling up the old cowboy boots and keeping it moving!

Being powerful doesn’t equate to losing your humanity or developing an inability to sympathize with others rather that you are conditioned to take life and roll with the punches. It also doesn’t mean that you have to become a tyrannous bubblehead to get work done.

Remember that no one is strong enough to handle everything on their own. We all have our breaking point— even superheroes.


Kyanna Kitt


2 thoughts on “Power

  1. Very good! Someone once said knowledge is power yet I have not agreed. I prefer to say, the application of knowledge IS power. Just sitting idly and being able to answer all the Jeopardy questions from your kitchen as you make dinner is not power. But knowing how and when to exercise the knowledge you do have is the true power (like “MacGyver”).
    One thing I’ve found is of major importance toward acquiring power (and perhaps a measure of respect).. confidence in exactly who you are, your limitations, and what you want to make yourself happy. Once you’ve done that, then you can bring others with you.
    Good post!

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