You know what sucks about resolutions and making promises to yourself? Promising yourself to do something based on time restraints seldom ever works.

Each and every year we all set out to make a ton of money in 12 months, retire, lose weight, get married and achieve the American dream. And each and every year 99.9% of us fail.

I think I’m going to write and publish a book this year.’

I have worked with so many people who claimed they wanted to write a book when that wasn’t really where their heads were in the moment. This is where the power of the beginning can be used as a powerful tool! What you decide to do with your now reveals your principles and values in a really big way!

Seriously? How many more times are you going to talk and talk about what you’re going to do in the future instead of taking action in your beginning which is now? Why do we love to try to force ourselves to believe that the next moment is going to be different?

The reason why we are so passionate about things like resolutions is because they mark a new beginning. Oh the things we could do if we could only start over! The first day of the first month of the year is generally that restart.

Maybe next year I’ll be more successful. But we both know that next year isn’t going to be any different.

We are slaves to time. We clock ourselves on everything and we barely give ourselves the space necessary to change! If only we could stop to realize that our new moment— our future is right this very moment.

You aren’t going to get healthy ‘next year’ and you know it. But you can choose to drink water instead of soda right now! You won’t start building a social media presence next year, but you can start doing it right now.

A wise man once said that tomorrow never comes and boy was he right. Make the changes you need to make in this very moment! Your new beginning is now!

Mind. Blown.



Kyanna Kitt

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