Power: Women

Women often feel as though they have little say in their lives. Many of us were taught to cook and clean and when the time comes to take care of our husbands and children but what about us?

It is no secret that many women do not value themselves and for obvious reasons. In performing our stereotypical gender roles we are constantly reminded of how we do not matter— or are we?

In Power, I taught you that you have the final say about your life. You can change literally each and everything about your life and this includes how we feel about ourselves as women!

Why must we constantly seek validation? Why are we constantly fighting each other for attention? Why is their always an attraction contest?

These three issues are the result of one thing. Love. Lack of love. Deprivation of self-love. Rejecting love and even fearing the reception of love.

We are taught to give love but many of us don’t know what it is like to receive it.

But what if I told you that we have the power to love ourselves? Much like growing into a more stable and emotionally balanced person, you have to realize that you have the power to make yourself.

Magazine covers, supermodels and that ‘perfect’ celebrity couple are no different than you. In fact, each of those people are experiencing the same exact thing as you. They forget that they are a human being that deserves to be loved. They lower their standards because they don’t feel as though they are worthy of having the person they know they belong with. They are you— romanticized.

I say this to tell women that we should stop aspiring to be like others. Most of the time the people we want to be like are living our same hell or worse.

It is up to you, and only you to ensure your happiness. No other man or woman can ever do that for you!

Embrace your truth!



Kyanna Kitt

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