Why You’re Getting Unfollowed

When it comes to social media, one could easily deduce that growing a solid followership is easier said than done. And for obvious reasons, one would be right.

When you start to get followers without having to knock down doors or pop-up in miscellaneous facets of the internet you start feeling good about yourself. Your comments leave breadcrumbs back to your social media venues and all of a sudden you find yourself with hundreds of people following you and craving to know more.

The beginning was simple. You’d reach out to people and they would respond. A few hashtags there, a comment here— everything was like a snap of the finger. Now with tens and hundreds of followers things begin to get tricky. You are starting to find that people are not following you anymore and removing themselves from your subscription list all together.

There are a million and two reasons why one would unsubscribe from a person but here are the most common below:

You Don’t Engage with Followers

When someone leaves a comment or tweet, or pops into your Periscope or Facebook livestream they should always be greeted.

Even if twenty people enter your space at the same time. It is vital that you acknowledge their presence and read their comments and feedbacks. Social media is about give and take— the foundation of every human interaction.

Failure to speak to each follower can cost you dearly.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve entered someone’s chat for them to legitimately acknowledge 3 or 4 people out of the 50+ people who are commenting. If you don’t want to interact with everyone you should actually expect to get unfollowed.

You Pick Favorites

Much like not engaging, you take things a step further by deciding that the three people you find desirable are the only ones who should be addressed.

Picking favorites is sad because so many otherwise amazing content creators choose to do so! There is nothing like expressing that you love someone’s work or retweeting them and overall showing them support to see that you and their thousands of followers are all being looked over while ‘Claudette,’ ‘Pauline,’ and ‘Mikey’ are getting responses for each and every little thing they do.

When you have a person coming into your space— whether you can remember seeing them or not, acknowledge them. Many people will unfollow after three occasions of being ignored by broadcasters or bloggers and with good reason.

If you only plan on chatting with friends, maybe you should consider making your profile private and saying so at the beginning of your broadcasts so the other people viewing can at least prepare to be treated as if they are just numbers.

You don’t Respond on Social Media

I recently visited an amazing website of a man who has tons of followers! While the website has lots of content you can tell that not many people bother with visiting it.

The reason? There are comments on each and every page that are months old that have never been responded to.

As a writer and blogger I know how overwhelming comments can be. This is why having to approve comments can prove useful for bloggers, writers and website owners alike. Having to approve comments can allow you time to actually sit down and answer each request without the commenter feeling as if they are being overlooked.

Nothing looks worse than a website or social media page with unanswered comments. It’s a major turn off and can get you unfollowed quick and in a hurry!

You Misuse Language

Not knowing how to use your words can backfire in a huge way. For various reasons, the misuse of language can be very damaging.

This no-no encompasses using slurs and derogatory terms to refer to certain people and groups, using words that exalt yourself or other social media and business entities and even referring to your followers/supporters as customers, cash-givers and mindless sheep.

You want to be careful of how you label your supporters. It is important to remember that they are not obligated to engaging with you or your content. Show respect and be tactful.

Your language should be friendly and inviting at all times!

You Make Threats

Many people in the 21st century have enough intelligence to know that making threats is never a good idea. Especially in live streams and social media.

  1. Your followers can replay and watch you get rude and nasty.
  2. Some people may be offended by what you say to others.
  3. Threatening people is both primitive and unprofessional.

There’s nothing like being in a Scope and hearing the broadcaster threatening to slander a viewer on social media for whatever reason. Guess what buddy? You just got unfollowed!


Until Next Time,

Kyanna Kitt

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