OMG! Watch Me Be Human on Periscope!

I decided to make the leap and start recording on social media! To support me on Periscope log into the app and search for my handle @MoonChildLove

I scope about topics that evoke critical mind shifts, emotional/spiritual growth, motivation and inspiration to start living your life today! It is FREE to view my Periscopes and I do plan on scoping more frequently as the days go on.

This is an awesome opportunity to get to know the woman behind this site! You get to see me explore topics with viewers in real time. No teleprompters, no filters, just us.

I appreciate every follow and I thank you guys so much for the support!~


Click the Links Below for More of Me:

My Periscope:

My Twitter: @KyannaKitt

Email ME:



Love, Peace and Diet Coke Y’all!

Kyanna Kitt

How does this piece make you feel?

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