A Healthy Journal Practice


Hi Y’all!

It’s Kyanna here! I just wanted to come to you all with some information regarding my daily journal practice. On Sunday, I told you guys that my gratitude journal is one of the keys to keeping me emotionally balanced. Since it’s helped me so much, I wanted to tell you guys exactly how you could get started with your journal practice today.

First thing first, you want to write in your journal right after you wake up. This means before washing up and getting ready for your day and everything. The reason being is because whatever you do first thing in the morning sets the mood for the rest of your day. If you start your day with gratitude, you are more prone to having an awesome day!

You can set the mood by lighting a candle for aromatherapy and playing some soft music. I love Buddha Bar Radio on Pandora but you can listen to any kind of music you’d like— this journal practice is about you.

Before I let you know the key details about the journal practice I want to let you know that I do recommend purchasing a hardcover journal. I love journals by Peter Pauper Press. They are such an amazing company and always inspire me to write. I will also recommend you to use bright and colorful ink. I used a purple ink pen in my journal because I tend to find the color purple both rich and enticing.

Below you will find the sections I like to write in my journal. You can add to these sections to tailor your journal to your specific needs.

  1. Gratitude. Write 5-10 things. More if you can.
  2. To-Do. Write what you have to get done and rank them from most important to least important.
  3. Self-Love Practice. List at least one thing that you will do for yourself.
  4. Kindness and Unconditional Love Practice. List something awesome that you can do for others. This doesn’t mean you have to buy something, perhaps you can give people shout-outs or call someone up and let them know that you’ve been thinking about them.
  5. Self-Awareness. What did you notice about yourself today?
  6. Diary/Journal Entry. Write key points of your day. What made you feel accomplished? What made you not feel so good?


Do you have a daily writing practice? If so, what does it encompass and why?



Kyanna Kitt


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