Life is a rollercoaster—sounds cliché but it’s true. As we float down the river of life we experience various different moments. Moments of truth and revelation, moments of growth, moments of pain and moments of what we perceive as failure.

If you have a mentor or have ever listened to any life coach speak on the source of fear and why we tend to live in the confines of the mental barriers that we created for ourselves they speak about the fear of rejection. You see, rejection is not just defined by what we are told we are not good enough for. It can also be fears of not be accepted as a part of the crowd and fear of failure to name a couple.

As a student and writer, I spend most of my time doing things related to my coursework and my career goal. If I am not doing schoolwork I am writing and there was actually a time where I would spend 16+ hours a day doing nothing but that. Any goal-oriented person out there has probably chased the elusive daily hustle without thinking twice about what they were actually doing to achieve their mini-goals or whether or not their excessive work was actually conducive to the end goal.

Fear of rejection will make you do and say many things that are not actually relevant to you nor do they make sense.

Oh my goodness, I can’t do this because I’m not skilled enough.’

‘I am not capable of doing that same thing that the one person I look up does because I don’t have enough (money/looks/relevance).’

‘I’m too fat/skinny/unattractive.’

It is amazing what the ego will do to prevent you from reaching your goals. Something as simple as controlling the voice in your head makes a huge difference. The only thing that is essentially stopping you from achieving whatever your goal in life may be is inaction or doing too much of the wrong actions.

If you actually sit back and analyze your life you would realize that the ‘bad’ things such as failure and subsequently the feeling of rejection are not so common and yet we ungratefully dwell on them. Working yourself half to death is not necessarily the key to success. You can work all day but if you aren’t being efficient your hard work and sleepless nights are in vain.



Kyanna K.

4 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. When you get to be an old fart you begin to realize how all the things you thought so important in life, were not… but we made them so. Age changes personal priorities. But.. we will all be a work-in-progress until we breath our last.

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