Crush Fear: Stand up to It

I really like this article. I think that being afraid or discouraged or even worse having anxiety about things is very real and keeps a lot of people including myself from doing the things I want and love. I really like that you spoke about this. It’s really important and I’m sure that it will greatly help those who happen upon this post and blog.

Simply, Me

I live life with the mentality that I fight my fears and conquer fear in all I do but just the other day I had to admit that (yuckily) once again I was stalled out from fear in my professional life and in my personal life.

For a minute I sat there thinking, “How did that happen?”  I had just proven to myself once again I could public speak twice over a weekend in June and had done several things in the past few months that defined exactly what fighting fear is all about.  I was on a roll like I had never been.

But wait, I realized somehow life got busy and I subconsciously lost the fight to fear again recently.  I was grateful in that moment that I could see it since that meant at one point I had learned how to be conscious to fighting fear.  I knew then that it…

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