Crystal Goddess Higher Vibrations Kit Review

I have insomnia and find myself having trouble sleeping often. In the middle of the night (or crack of the cow’s ass in the morning) when I’m either awake due to debilitating pain or I simply cannot sleep I find myself browsing Instagram (IG). I love IG because it gives even the most mundane people the ability to connect with people and cultures from around the globe. I, of course, am infatuated with learning about language and culture but something many people don’t know is that I have a thing for small shops and handmade items. I mean if you gave me a million dollars and gave me access to Etsy I’d blow through it like a breeze.

A few weeks ago I happened upon an account which I thought was really cool. One, on account of the content—I love reading uplifting messages that push us to move forward in our lives and to grow as human beings. Two, because this woman is a business owner who sells healing crystals and stones. The latter is part of the reason why I can’t help but go back to her page. I believe in the healing power of nature and not just in the sense of eating live foods (fruits and vegetables) but also in the sense that there are elements around us that carry frequencies to protect and cleanse us. As a person going through a slew of health issues a new set of crystals was exactly what I needed.


Who Makes the Higher Vibrations Kit?

The IG account @the.urbanvegan is ran by an amazing lightworker named Ishea who is based in Florida, USA. She is constantly working to deliver healing crystals, positive affirmations, motivation and sometimes just plain ole giggles to your average everyday joe. What makes this woman’s work so amazingly unique is her calling to help people heal and the fact that she is doing so on a social media app that is cluttered with negativity just makes her that much more special.


Crystal Goddess

So I ordered the kit on December 22, 2016 and received it just in time for the New Year! First and foremost, I was extremely excited to have been able to get a hold of the Higher Vibrations kit. I’ve been in bed sick for weeks now and needed a little pick-me-up so when I received a text from my brother saying that I had received a package while I was out of the house you can imagine the excitement. The package was very neat. The outer box was from the shipping carrier and the inner box is a beautiful thick brown box which can easily be used for storing crystals or other nick knacks you have laying around. The box itself was so gorgeous that I knew I would just love what I was preparing to see.


When I opened the box there were tons of beautiful crystals and stones staring back at me. My heart, body and mind were immediately drawn to the gorgeous amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz. I couldn’t believe that there were two bracelets and earrings included in the box. This was like a major bonus considering the fact that each of the crystals are such a decent size. Another thing I like about this kit is that Ishea handwrites the name and purpose of each of the crystals that are in your kit. (See the picture above).

Inside a tiny red velvet bag are a bunch of cone-shaped incents that smell absolutely divine. There are about 10 of them. There was also a bundle of white sage included in the kit to be used for smudging. Each of the crystals are perfect. I knew that even though Ishea would be picking my crystals and stones, everything was going to be absolutely perfect.

My Thoughts

I am beyond satisfied with this package. There are so many amazing pieces included in the kit and I can just feel the energy coming of so many of the pieces. I cannot wait to receive my hemp wrapped amethyst necklace from Ishea. If you are a lover of crystals I would definitely recommend you go to Instagram and visit Ishea’s page and shoot her a message about the Higher Vibrations Kit. You definitely won’t be sorry.



Kyanna K.

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