An Analysis: Fact or Fiction

The way we think and feel about the world is changing. One could deduce that the line between fact and fiction is lost somewhere between denial and entitlement, fake news and the truth. The problem is problematic. What we are witnessing in today’s social climate is the denouncing of fact based claims in reporting and conversation and the rise of illogical opinion and extremely biased commentary.

Let’s be clear. The issue of spreading fallacies is not an attack on opinion or free speech. It is possible to disagree based on facts. It is possible to arrive at very different conclusions given the same information. Our current debacle is born out of a lack of facts to begin with. The issue is that we aren’t talking about facts at all—rather ideals based on wild guesses. We live in a society that is normalizing unwarranted attacks backed by assumption-based opinions. Masquerading fictitious information as the unabashed truth of the matter is dangerous in the strongest sense of the word.

While surmising that our audience is sophisticated enough to know what’s real and what isn’t, we forget that as a society we hold one another accountable. Spreading lies and conspiracies isn’t tolerated in our private lives and should not be tolerated in the public spectrum. Doing so and expecting not to be met with opposition is absurd with good reason.


Kyanna K.

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