About this Morning

I never make time for myself. Any and everything I do is based around my goals pertaining to school and work. I can’t remember jumping up and running to the store to buy myself things or watching television. When I have a day off, I play a videogame for about 30 minutes before breakfast. Otherwise I check out YouTube videos when I get the chance. It’s kind of funny how something as silly as not keeping up with media keeps you in the past. I mean—I still listen to, and enjoy, the Spice Girls.

Sometimes I wonder if somehow, I’m still a child. French toast is still the ideal breakfast—hold the orange juice on account of my less tolerant bowels. Kid me probably would have thought I was strange for an adult and yet still been hopeful the future. When I listen to the old songs and remember the old Warminster days, I am too. I remember when I was little I imagined myself being a novelist–one who made a fair living but had nothing extravagant. I never imagine myself with billions of dollars or a huge house and fancy car. I just want to be happy.

I wouldn’t have guessed that my uncanny ability to multi-task and wear multiple hats would’ve followed me into my adult life. My business has nothing to do with my novel writing, my music hobby is completely different than them both but I still have that same dream. The ‘normal’ house with many locks. And the French toast.

© Kyanna K.

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