Whiskey Straight


The real me is a complicated work-in-progress. I’m still trying to get my leadership skills together. I am still working to gain the strength necessary to move through life with my head up. It may sound silly that something so simple is what I equate to strength.

I take on challenging projects to push myself to learn to adapt and grow. The thing is, I really like going into something not knowing what to expect. The unpredictability gives me a rush and the feeling I get when I succeed makes me feel accomplished and sometimes even valuable (sad—I know).

The yearning to have control over my life is so strong that I can’t stop thinking about it and I think about it in every sense of the term. It spills over into every facet of my life, from writing my book to school and the business. I’m constantly obsessing over getting to the point where I know I am completely secure. I need to know that I can handle anything life throws me and that I can take care of my family. The latter, after all, is what matters the most.

I can deal with having to cram everything into 24 hours because I know that everything is going to be okay in the end. And when you’re doing things right, the way it ought to be done you learn that the fruit is well worth the labor. I’m a whiskey straight kind of girl.


© Kyanna K.

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