Us and Worldview


We live in a world where saying the wrong thing at the wrong time has big consequences. If you are self-aware, and as a human person I expect you are to some degree, you may have the tendency to be hard on yourself. For me, it was always feeling like I wasn’t doing enough.

It’s funny because some people argue that how we feel about the world is how we feel about ourselves. While this is a cute thought, I don’t feel that it’s the truth at every point in everyone’s life. I am often judged as judgmental or ‘opinionated.’ I think this assessment is fair in the case of myself because I judge myself in a way that I feel no other person is capable of. It’s why backhanded responses, critiques and accusations don’t get under my skin. I’m truly my hardest critic.

Sometimes I find that my self-criticism follows me elsewhere. As many of you know, I love to read and observe. When I observe, and learn about new thinks I have the urge to talk about them and tell everyone what I think and feel about these topics.

For some strange reason when I speak about what I feel, I am often met with responses as if I am a professional journalist being held to a high standard where I shouldn’t make mistakes and have opinions. I’m none of that. I’m just a person with thoughts who likes to share them. Notice how I never say I’m right. I just share my perspective.

I could lash out at people for perceiving me as a know-it-all or uptight but I don’t. Instead, I look at why they may think that and why it would make them so angry. I converse or shrug it off. Snapping would be an easier response but I choose to be rational and respectful and they can too.

©Kyanna Kitt

How does this piece make you feel?

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