What’s Your Take on War?


Some people believe that collateral damage is necessary. I often find myself wondering to what extent. How far should we as a society be willing to go?

When it comes to war, I’m constantly left wondering what the grounds are. Or what the source of the conflict is.  I find that many people like to mask every war as a battle for democracy only to find out the conflict has little or nothing to do with us.

When it all comes down to it, I’m not sure that I’m capable of coming up with an excuse to kill innocent people. What are your thoughts? When is right, when is it wrong?

© Kyanna Kitt

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Take on War?

  1. Depends what level of thought you are giving toward the concept of war. It’s human.. humans fight each other, either because of defense, wanting something someone else has, or some form of socio-political retribution. When it comes to finger-pointing regarding war and warfare it’s always handy to presume that women and children are home tending to family needs and men are off fighting the battles. Hence, for some reason that makes women and children “innocent” victims.. and men are the savage fighters who deserve what they get in battle. There are no innocents in war. There are indeed “non-combatants”, but that still doesn’t insulate them from being a victim of war.
    A graphic illustration was the huge numbers of German and Japanese mothers and babies and other non-combatants killed from our Allied firebombings in WW2, not to mention the atomic bombs.

    For women, babies, and other non-combatants to live a peaceful life free of the fear of death, it takes a watchful eye on the part of the society in which they live to maintain that peace. It’s the ruthless destruction of war, the killing, maiming, and utter destruction of lives, that helps to make us NOT desire warfare. Yet we are humans and it’s in our nature because we can reason. Doesn’t mean we can’t always hope for a peaceful world.


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