My 2017 Spring/Summer Reading List

Most writers are avid readers. I am no exception. I read everything from news, politics, culture, music, language, poetry and beyond. Part of this is a result of having an insatiable obsession with reading—the other part is my will to learn and experience the world in a way that is only possible through knowledge.

While throwing books into my cart and simultaneously pondering what my next post would be about I figured that I would make a list and share it on my blog. Perhaps through reading this post you will find learn a little more about me or even find something that piques your interest. Just FYI, my reading lists will be organized by book, what the book is about, why I want to purchase it and finally a link where you can purchase the book if you so choose.


Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance is supposed to be about the struggles of poor whites in Rural America. This book interests me because I come from a southern family largely based in rural America. I am interested in seeing his perception of this experience and how life is for those who fit into this socioeconomic status.

This book has been on my reading list for a long time. We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche is a book on culture, society and feminism. Chimamanda is a strong woman who stands firm in her beliefs. She isn’t afraid to stand up and represent women at large. She is a special kind of writer and speaker that I hold close to my heart. I am interested in this book as it is feminism from a black perspective.


Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page is a book I’ve been wanting to purchase for quite a while. I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan who admires Page’s guitar playing and innovation. My main interest in this book is learning the man behind the guitar. Even if he’s literally never responded to my tweets.


Noam Chomsky focuses in on the correlation between money and power in Requiem for the American Dream. I’m interested in this book because I feel that money is the most powerful factor in politics or power. I love reading and hearing Noam’s thoughts so I figured that this book might be a good read for that purpose.

Our Revolution by Bernie Sanders made the list because I want to understand the mind of both Bernie Sanders and his diehard supporters. What I love about Bernie Sanders is his passion and devotion to the American people. You don’t have to agree with his politics to respect his patriotism and love for fellow Americans.

I first heard about Jane Mayer’s Dark Money on NPR radio if I’m not mistaken. Money being used to steer the political climate bothers me which is why I want to pick this book up to learn more. I know someone is going to ask whether I think the right is more influenced by money than the left. The answer is simple.  I don’t know. But I do know that politicians on both sides of the isle are constantly being bought.

The title pretty much speaks for itself. I want to be able to understand why people believe and vote the way that they do. I feel like this book will help me to do just that. The Righteous Mind is about understanding what each political ideology truly means in a sense while broadening the scope to allow us to understand why others intuitively think and feel the way that they do.


Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin is a Christian book geared at teaching women how to study he bible. This book interests me because there is pink on the cover (I’m not kidding) and I’m a believer looking to study the bible in a simple and effective way.

Come with Me is a Christian book  by Suzanne Eller geared towards women who are believers. This book teaches women to follow God’s lead. I want to purchase this book for peace of mind. I find books like this to be very soothing when no one understands what I am going through. Christian books always pick me up when I’m blue.

Wait and See by Wendy Pope is like the last book in the sense that it helps you walk through life with purpose. I feel like this book is relevant to me because I often find myself in a position where I feel like I am not doing everything I can or my life is simply not progressing the way it should. Again, these kinds of books keep me positive in troubling or difficult times.


I’ve been wanting to read Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur for some time. This book is a compilation of prose and poetry that encompasses the female experience. Topics range from abuse and sexual assault to relationships and love.

Nayyirah Waheed’s Salt is a collection of poetry that spans across a variety of topics. Love, hate, immigration, pain, loneliness, happiness, existentialism. Salt is the realist’s poetry obsession and I love it for that reason. Nothing interests me more than writing the alludes to real human feelings.

Nejma is another collection of poetry by the same writer. This book is more reflective than the last. What made me add it to my list is the fact that she illustrates life in even the most simplistic of manners.

Yrsa Daley-Ward speaks on various topics including love and romance in her poetry work titled Bone. While I’m not someone who usually reaches for romantic works I was enticed to grab this book because of the fact that she speaks so poignantly on the topics of love, sex and romance.


I had to pick up Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. Why? The first and foremost reason is that I absolutely love Thor. The second reason is that I am a love over all things mythology from any and every culture. Mythology is a great escape from the world without having to uproot and physically go anywhere.

Everything, Everything is a fiction book by Nicola Yoon about a girl who essentially lives in a bubble. I am interested in reading this book because I recently saw the trailer for the motion picture and was, for once in my life, interested from start to finish. The book features a girl protagonist who is allegedly ill. She meets her neighbor and kind of falls in love with him. The story seems so raw and pure. I can’t wait to read it.

Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling will always be one of my favorite fiction series. I’m a millennial—what did you expect?

We made it! I hope that you liked this reading list that I threw together for this spring. Please like and share this post if you enjoyed it. Which one of these books stuck out to you the most and why? What’s on your spring reading list? Leave a comment in the box below.


Kyanna K.

Letting Bygones Be Gone


For the longest time I beat myself up over what I would call my inability to keep friends. I would blame myself for friends not being there. Each and every time someone would cross me I would search for the reasons why I deserved to put last. I am on a journey to achieving balance and of all of the things that I am up against, holding myself accountable for the actions of others is one of my biggest faults.

I had a friend who I thought I had a really good relationship with this person would find all of the time in the world for guys but when it came to us hanging out and doing things that girlfriends do there was suddenly always a conflict of interest. Eventually we stopped talking and naturally I blamed myself for the relationship failing even though I reached out to the individual multiple times. I’ve never had ill feelings towards this person. There was never any animosity, jealousy or bitterness on my part. We were supposed to be best friends but when one half of a relationship up and leaves what can you do? How do you process that information?

Being positive isn’t about being perfect or transforming into this creature that has no emotional response to the world around us, in fact, that is what makes us human. Our responses and judgement take more than just affirmations and wishful thinking to tame. Learning to be positive is also taking hurtful situations and learning to turn them into something beneficial.

Maybe you’ve learned something about yourself that you can take away from the situation to use elevate you to higher places in life. Maybe you’ve learned to be a better communicator and to be assertive about your expectations. Maybe you’ve learned that you don’t do well in certain situations—perhaps you’ve even learned how to maneuver through those situations in a way that makes life easier. Letting bygones be gone is accepting that what has happened can’t be changed and while anticipating the future is helpful for a handful of people living in the present is best.


Kyanna K.

Change of Plans


Dealing with unexpected change can be bothersome—especially if you’re a person who loves mapping out your life and living according to schedule. We all have to come to the realization that not everything that happens to us, ‘for’ us or around us is beneficial to us.

But change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Going from getting used to someone and sort of incorporating them into your life to doing away them is hard. Going from having a set routine back into the redundancies of whatever the ‘basic’ life is for you is gut-wrenching for a moment. It seems like nothing ever works out or somehow everyone you come in contact with is just using you some way or another.

You could think that way. Or you could realize that perhaps you were or are supposed to serve as their intervention. Let’s face it. Some people are downright wicked. They smile in our faces, they tell us they love us and they even go as far as pretending to support us before plodding off down the road to their true life. I get it. Nothing hurts worse than to be stabbed in the back or to truly love and care and see that person you extended that love to act, if even for a moment, as if none of it meant a thing.

This happens in life. Eventually, the giver gets tired—and guess what? It will continue to happen as long as humans exist and as long as you are living, these people will potentially come in contact with you and there really isn’t anything you can do about it except brace yourself.

People are constantly asking me how I put up with some of the troubled people I have met and the answer is simple. I don’t. Yep, you read right. I don’t really put up with people. You see, I can coach and counsel you and even be a shoulder to cry on but the moment you show me your true colors is the moment I know that you no longer care and so I no longer serve a purpose in your life.

You know it’s bad when you can’t even find the words to express the frustration that the let-down has caused and what’s even worse is that the person continues on like nothing happened. You took note because you were legitimately in it. They moved along because they never really were with you in the first place.

While it’s easy to sulk or lock yourself away and pretend you don’t want to see the sun anymore, you could always do something productive. Like love again. Do that thing you were into before you were interrupted. Have a little more you time—heal with music.

Life, all of life, is essentially just a series of moments. Each moment has its ups and downs and no, every day is isn’t always beautiful and perfect but it can be if you want it to…

I say this as a reminder to never look at life like you don’t have a choice or like you can’t do it. You can. Even when nothing is going according to plan you can. Even if you made a mistake you can. Even in solitude you can. And you will like so many that came before you.


Until next time friends…


Be Beautiful,

Kyanna Kitt

Healing Through Music

Bliss is every time I stroke the strings of my guitar. Freedom is the sound and love is the result. The healing power of music is very real.

When I’m sad I press my guitar close to me and play. I play anything—everything that comes to my mind. I love feeling the vibrations come from the body of it. I love feeling the notes permeate my flesh. The buzz of notes ringing through the strings hum through me and in that exact moment I feel happy… A phenomenon that perhaps other guitar lovers and players are familiar with.

Some weeks ago I met a man, Christopher Woodward, an amazing musician who became my guitar teacher (he teaches at affordable rates through Skype. See him play below!). Though he (perhaps) doesn’t know it he has helped incite a deep change in me. Not just my playing but my mentality. Never have I been more aware—kind and patient with myself.

I cannot tell you the last time I sang with passion though I wish I could but when I’m with Ladybird and Jimmy (my guitars) — things are alright.


Yours Truly!

Kyanna Kitt <#3