I can still smell the autumn leaves

Strong coffee brewing

Heavily sweetened, full, robust

Or merely a replication of myself…


In the depth of time’s progression

We linger

Always one and never together

Ours is a glorious esprit de corps


I crave him like sweet nectar

Whose beauty comes second to none

And at dawn, within his hand, I am whole again

If only he knew


Like the sun this too will rise and fall

And some day


Together, we’ll smile.



Kyanna Kitt

#JanuaryFalls Poetry Challenge No. 1

I want to begin again

I want to start life anew

Fresh breath nourishing my lungs again

I want to breathe again


I want to begin again

I want to love like I’d never been hurt again

Stand bold and alone again

I want to be again


I want to begin again

I want to live my dream

Silent prayers the only thing keeping me from hitting the ground

I want to dream again


I want to live.


Kyanna K.