Writing Consultations….

Getting business and being successful as a writer takes time. However, if we aren’t in the right space, locking down gigs can be extremely difficult.

Every now and then you want to reboot your writing— especially when it isn’t very good. The brilliant thing about it is that many of us have a story to tell. Unfortunately writing our thoughts down and having presentable material don’t always go hand in hand.

With my writing consultations, I will study and highlight the critical components your work. These pieces could be novels, blogs and articles, newsletters, papers and more.

I team up with you to create the perfect end product and also will create a customized report on your work along with a strategy guide/plan and resources to improve your work. Your report will allow for you to recreate these results over and over again, even if you choose to go it alone.

The consultation package includes private phone calls, seminars and daily email support.


Private Sessions…………

My private sessions focus on personal growth and the pursuit of happiness.

These private sessions are the foundation of building success in literally any and every facet of your life.

The sessions encompass the realms of: emotional, personal and writing growth.

I utilize various strategies and methods to keep the private sessions fresh and innovative.  Each day focuses on different aspects of building yourself and your ideal ‘dream’ life.

The idea behind this package is support. As human beings, we are constantly evolving and seeking new ways to build ourselves into the image that we are truly meant to be. As a person, I know how difficult this can be. Especially when it seems like you are all alone in the world.

My private sessions teach you how to cope with stress, build confidence, think critically, network and foster a better relationship with yourself and others.


Build a Better You Program…..

Upcoming… Stay tuned for details…